New Brands

Trust Intimate Apparel Samples for comprehensive collection design, development, and manufacturing. Let us bring your dream collection to life with our expertise and support.

Let us be your trusted partner in bringing your dream collection to life.

We understand that starting a new apparel brand can be daunting for founders. However, at Intimate Apparel Samples, we ease your worries and guide you every step of the way. Our services extend beyond just design and development; we are your trusted companion, offering educational support and emotional guidance through 1-2-1 mentoring with Maxine and various industry events. Think of us as your brand’s best friend!

With our network of experts, we handle both the technical aspects and the nurturing guidance needed to navigate the industry’s challenges and build a successful fashion business. Drawing on over 15 years of industry and business experience, we help establish a clear roadmap for your brand, turning your vision into a profitable reality.

Together, we will develop collections that become timeless, crafted to attract and retain loyal customers. With our comprehensive services and dedicated support, embark confidently on your journey as an independent brand.

Project Management and Expertise

Intimate Apparel Samples manages all the intricate details for you, saving you time, money, and effort. Our all-inclusive package means you don’t need to juggle freelancers or hire an external project manager.

From the initial concept to the grand launch of your brand, we oversee every aspect of product development. We empower you with the knowledge to communicate effectively with suppliers and technicians, including consultancy sessions with Maxine, to guide you through your business journey.

New Brands

How We Help New Brands

We coordinate the design and development of spec sheets, patterns, and samples for your tech packs through our London-based network. Specialising in lingerie and swimwear, including underwire bras (core and plus sizes), briefs, men’s boxers, swimwear, loungewear, and sportswear, our approach is designed to be flexible and supportive.

This includes; Designing, Tech packs, Fabric sourcing, Pattern cutting, Toiles & samples, Fit assessments, Grading/layplans, Production.

We understand that the burden of large minimum orders weighs heavily on many small enterprises. In light of this, we have chosen to adopt a client-centered approach by removing Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) for tech pack development, pattern creation, and sample production.

New Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a technical design spec and how is it created?

A technical design spec is a black and white CAD line drawing that details the front and back of the garment, including stitch lines, seaming, and component features. It also includes required annotations. The technical design specs can be created based on supplied sketches and reference images.

What is a Bill of Material (BOM) and why is it important?

The BOM is a spec sheet that is part of the tech pack. It provides essential details for your factory, such as materials, trims, and components required for production. It is important to have a clear BOM to ensure accurate manufacturing.

Can you help source fabrics and other materials for the intimate apparel samples?

Yes, we work with clients to source fabrics, trims, components, prints, labels, and packaging for the samples.

What are toiles and how are they used in the sample creation process?

Toiles are initial prototypes created in cheaper fabrics. We prefer to use the final fabrics for the toiles whenever possible. If final fabrics are not available, we use toiling fabrics and components of similar weight and stretch. Toiles help assess fit and make necessary adjustments before proceeding to the final samples.

How are patterns created for the samples?

We generate our patterns through manual or digital methods, and after grading, these files can be converted to work seamlessly with various pattern cutting software.

Building a Foundational Collection for Long-Term Success

Your first apparel range is more than just a collection—it’s the cornerstone of your new brand. It defines your sizing, cut, and aesthetics, creating a lasting impression on your customers. We know that building a strong foundation is essential for long-term success. Our team collaborates closely with you, embracing your vision to create a collection that not only captures the hearts of your customers but also sets the stage for future collections.

With our expertise, you can confidently embark on your brand’s journey, knowing that you’ve laid the groundwork for a thriving fashion legacy. Trust us to manage the development of your collection while offering unwavering support and knowledge to ensure your brand’s continued success. Get in touch with us to get your intimate apparel dreams off the ground.

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Our team is committed to helping you bring your intimate ideas to life. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you and your fashion venture…

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