Hello fellow lingerie connoisseurs and welcome to my site.


I am Maxine and the owner of I A Samples, an enchanting place where a sketch or a tiny seed of an idea can be magically transformed into a real life working garment.

Ok…it isn’t magic instead it is years of research, education and experimentation combined to make me somewhat of an expert in the technical development of Intimate Apparel.

I love, and I mean really love (!) making lingerie. It excites me to see small shapes of fabric being pieced together one by one and voila a bra has been born. Lingerie is such a structurally sound piece of engineering which involves a good understanding of the female form, mathematics and science (hello gravity the nemesis to our breasts) to manipulate the body into the shape we want.

Over the years I have fine tuned my skills and honed my understanding of the Intimate Apparel industry. I offer consultancy to my clients to discuss designs, fabrics, customer understanding, supplier contacts and more.

As an extension to this I have now launched my website blog to be used as a platform offering nuggets of expertise in the development of a lingerie brand.

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Thanks for reading!


Maxine    x

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