Who is I A Samples?


I A Samples is a small sample development unit specialising in lingerie, swimwear and lounge-wear.

Our studio is based in the UK, Wembley Park, London and we work with small to medium sized Intimate Apparel businesses, including start-ups and independent designers.

We have built a strong client base of both UK and international labels of which many are based as far as the US. We carry out face-to-face meetings and fittings in our studio or via Skype and email.

There are no minimums and we do our best to work within a reasonable turnaround time to suit the client.

Although we offer the full sampling development, we can also accommodate those who have part completed their development, such as creating samples from supplied patterns.

Please email us at enquiries@intimateapparelsamples.com for more information on any of our services. 


Meet Maxine


Maxine Wells founded I A Samples in 2010, after graduating from the prestigious DeMontfort University with a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion and Contour.


With creativity running through her veins, Maxine designed, pattern cut and sampled beautiful high end collections for her own label Maxine’s of London. Stockists included luxury boutiques such as Coco de Mer, Lulu and Lush, Glamorous Amorous and Dar Gitane, alongside being featured in Allure magazine and photographed by the world famous Mario Testino.


During this time she continued to work on I A Samples developing Intimate Apparel collections for other lingerie or swimwear brands with her small team of pattern cutters and seamstresses. As this business flourished, with more orders than capacity, Maxine made the tough but wise decision to no longer take on orders for Maxine’s of London and instead focus fully on nurturing I A Samples and commit wholly to the wonderful brands on their books.

In addition to the fashion labels she has also produced samples and costumes for TV and Film productions such as the BBC, Sky and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, creating a run of costumes for the 2016 feature film.


Maxine has a strong passion for independent designers and small niche labels, witnessing them putting their heart and soul into their business, turning their dreams into a reality. She is a firm believer in small businesses supporting one another to create a better (and more luxurious) future, whilst proudly flying the ‘Made in Britain’ flag.


When Maxine isn’t draping herself in sumptuous silk or swanning around tradeshows with other designers whilst sipping champagne (ok, maybe it isn’t always that glamorous!), you will find her rambling through a forest with her darling boy Oscar and partner Simon, ogling handmade arts and crafts in her favourite markets or attempting to haul herself up an indoor rock climbing wall.






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